Government Contracting


  The Local Development Districts in Pennsylvania are part of a national system of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers. The Center’s services, resources and training programs can assist companies in either entering the government market place or expanding their current market share.  Services are provided free of charge to companies located in one of the territories served by a Local Development Districts. Each of the LDDs provides a widerange of assistance to businesses with one-on-one counseling sessions, classes, seminars and matchmaking events. Those services include:

Determining Suitability for Contracting

The government marketplace can overwhelm or even ruin a company that lacks the maturity or resources to meet its unique challenges.  A PTAC counselor can help determine if a company is ready for government opportunities.

Securing Necessary Registrations

PTACs help ensure that a company is registered with the databases needed for participation in the government marketplace.

DB, 8(a), HUB Zone and Other Certifications

Certain small businesses are eligible for preferred status in some government solicitations.  A PTAC counselor can help determine if a company is eligible for these certifications and provide guidance through the steps needed to secure them.

Researching Procurement Histories


Most PTACs sponsor regular “matchmaking” events to identify critical opportunities for connecting with agency buying officers, prime contractors and other businesses for partnership or subcontracting.

Identifying Bid Opportunities

Proposal Preparation

Contract Performance Issues

After you’ve been awarded a contract, your PTAC may be able to help with negotiating and interfacing with the agency, developing a cost-accounting system, bonding and interim financing, developing environmental and quality control and accident prevention plans.

Preparing for Audit