Services For Local Government

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This program directly aids local governments, hospitals and schools as they continue to work towards becoming more energy efficient by reducing their operating costs and energy consumption through education, training and service delivery focused on conventional energy demand reduction. The Energy Program provides Educational Workshops, Utility Bill Analysis, Energy Assessment Assistance, and Grant Writing for Multi-Municipal Projects and much more.

Technical Assistance

Whether it’s a business, local government or community organization, the LDD Network will respond to any opportunity, prospect or challenge brought to their attention. Contact the LDD in your area.



The Municipal Technology Assistance Program (MTAP) is designed to provide direct assistance to local and county governments with their Information Technology (IT) needs. Any local municipal government interested learning more about MTAP should contact the LDD in your area.


The LDD Network holds Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) courses at various locations throughout Pennsylvania. The workshops are hands on technical assistance events that can be scheduled by any municipality or group of municipalities on a diverse range of road and street maintenance or safety issues. Any municipality interested in learning more about LTAP should contact the LDD in your area. logoLDD