Broadband Deployment


The LDDs are engaged in systematically evaluating and responding to the technology needs of each region. Short-term programs seek to educate consumers, businesses, and community leaders about technology; aggregate demand for data, video, and voice services in underserved communities, and; promote local, state, and federal programs for expansion of existing service. Long-term programs are oriented toward developing affordable and comprehensive access to technologies that will drive sustainable economic development, business attraction and retention, and innovative community development.

Bona-Fide Retail Request (BFRR) Program

Under Pennsylvania’s Bona Fide Retail Request (BFRR) program, telephone companies must provide access to high-speed service if customers within a Carrier or Customer Service Area (CSA) can demonstrate local demand for service. That is accomplished with signed petitions requesting broadband service from 50 customers or 25% of phone lines within a CSA. Within a CSA, a customer will become an aggregator to coordinate the BFRR petition process for the CSA. The LDDs will work with communities to collect BFRR forms completed by customers in un-served areas and act as the liaison between the telephone company and the community. logoLDD